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Thank you very much to Ray Werthman, Evie Sharbaugh, Sue Parrish, Kevin and Rachel Burke for participating in the 40 Days For Life Fall Campaign at Planned Parenthood Pittsburgh where we peacefully witness our faith in front of the abortion clinic where they slaughter 60 babies a week. All life is precious from conception to natural death. Please pray for God's children and consider joining us in the Spring of 2018.




On Monday, March 27, 2017.  Arriving on Johnny’s shift, Rachel and her friends from St. Raymond of the Mountains in Donegal, PA were already in operation, praying and filling the sidewalk with hope for an abortion-free future. These pro-life warriors know how to get things done and are a great example of putting faith into action. And also from St. Raymond’s, Father Ricky, the parochial vicar came with his friends, Gilda, Henna, Anna Maria who have a prayer group and they said they’ll try to come and pray at PP soon. Thank you, everyone, for your support in this event!